Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Visit the WSV Sasaki Garden Because...

...my child likes to watch the birds, to search for centipedes and earthworms, to play, and to talk with other garden users.

Why do YOU visit the WSV Sasaki Garden?  Please tell us by writing a comment.


  1. The Sasaki Garden is beautiful in all seasons - a respite for thousands of people whether city dwellers in the near-by neighborhoods or tourists visiting the many fabulous sites of New York.
    The Sasaki Garden is a wonderful place to be with company or to enjoy its tranquility alone.
    The energy, the thoughtfulness, and the enthusiasm for nature which Hideo Sasaki demonstrated, in his beautiful design of the garden, in the midst of Washington Square Village is a gift to all, whether we spend a few moments or have the luxury of sitting longer.

    Gloria Kasper
    Erial, New Jersey

  2. The Sasaki Garden is the lifeblood of the WSV buildings. Without it, the slabs will stand, but they will be skeletons.

  3. After spending time in this beautiful place, I visit the Sasaki Gardens because it is a quiet refuge from the hubbub of city life, it is a sanctuary for nature's gifts, it is a meditative and spiritual space, and it is my uncle Hideo's work of art and love.