NYU2031 ULURP documents

NYU Documents
NYU's Final Approved ULURP Plan October 23, 2012 to CB2)

Restrictive Declaration of Large-Scale General Development for the NYU LSGD by New York University (July 2012) via GVSHP
NYU 2031 Updates to Core Proposal (July 17, 2012) (see June 6, 2012 update)
NYU 2031 Core Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) May 25, 2012
NYU 2031 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (December 2011)
NYU 2031 Environmental Assessment I (April 2011)
NYU 2031 CORE ULURP Application
NYU 2031 CORE ULURP Application (diagrams)
NYU 2031 Resources -- check here for document revisions/updates from NYU
NYU 2031

Assemblymember Deborah Glick
Glick to Amanda Burden (NYC Planning Commission) on the Restrictive Declaration regarding the NYU 2031 ULURP (Aug. 7, 2011)

City Planning Commission Review of  NYU 2031 
Submission to City Planning Commission (May 18, 2012)
Submission to City Planning Commission (May 11, 2012)
Submission to City Planning Commission (May 4, 2012)

Community Board 2 ULURP Hearings on NYU 2031
Community Board 2 Updates on NYU 2031
NYU 2031 Design Presentation (Feb. 2012)
NYU 2031 Core Plan Presentation (Feb. 2012)
NYU 2031 Environment, Public Safety & Public Health (Construction) Presentation (Jan. 18, 2012)
NYU 2031 Social Services & Education (Public School) Presentation (Jan. 17, 2012)
NYU 2031 Parks & Open Space Presentation (Jan. 12, 2012)
NYU 2031 Zoning & Land Use Presentation to Community Board 2 (Jan. 9, 2012)

Manhattan BP Review of NYU 2031
Response to Manhattan BP Recommendations (April 2012)

NYUFASP (Faculty Against the Sexton Plan)
2031 plan Overview and Timeline
2031 plan Impacts
* See NYUFASP Resources Page

Other documents
Getting to NYU's Core: Greenwich Village Proposal Means Less Open Space (Hunter College Center for Community Planning & Development, May 6, 2012)
Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031 resources page
The NYC Green Book (directory of city, county, state agencies)
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Objections to NYU 2031 (May 7, 2012)
Resource Evaluation for the State & National Register (2007)
Defining the superblock (Off the Grid blog by Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation)
The Garden at Washington Square Village Rehabilitation Plan (Ellen Jouret-Epstein, 1998)
ULURP 101 (Manhattan Borough President, Scott M. Stringer, August 4, 2010)
Comprehensive guide to ULURP at

An ecology of gardens and yards
Nearby Nature in the City: Preserving and Enhancing Livability (Rachel Kaplan, J. Eric Ivancich, Raymond De Young, 2007, University of Michigan)
Trees near home boost concentration and the ability to cope* (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Landscape and Human Health Laboratory, Frances E. Kuo, Director)
Green residential landscaping strengthens communities* (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Landscape and Human Health Laboratory, Frances E. Kuo, Director)
Urban Forests = Cleaner, Cooler Air (video, American Society of Landscape Architects)

* View all research by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at Related research by other labs can be found at


Hideo Sasaki Biographies
Biography, by The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Biography, by Wikipedia

Aerial of Washington Square Village (Google Maps)
Add the WSV Sasaki Garden to the Connect 4 Conservation map

WSV Sasaki Garden - Winter Gallery
WSV Sasaki Garden - Spring Gallery
WSV Sasaki Garden - Summer Gallery
WSV Sasaki Garden - Fall Gallery
WSV Sasaki Garden - Birds & Other Wildlife Photo Gallery
WSV Sasaki Garden - Plants Photo Gallery
Greenacre Park, NYC (Hideo Sasaki, landscape architect, 1971)
Local Gardens and Parks

The Birds in Our Garden: The Potential Impacts of the NYU 2031 Expansion Plan on Birds & Other Wildlife (Gabriel Willow, June 2012)

The Birds in Our Garden report was completed with the help of the Save the WSV Sasaki Garden committee and local volunteers. The complete report is available online here and is referenced on our Resources page here.

Videos & Documentaries
OHNY visits the Sasaki Gardens at Washington Square Village
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Youtube Channel
The Vanishing City - the documentary

RELATED ORGANIZATIONS (organizations representing people and places within the scope of NYU 2031.  Also, see the Get Involved page.)
505 LaGuardia Place Tenants
CAAN - Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031
Friends of LaGuardia Place
Greenwich Village Block Associations
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
LaGuardia Corner Gardens (also see New York City Community Garden Coalition)
Mercer-Houston Dog Run Association
Silver Towers Tenant Association
Washington Square Village Tenants Association