Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letter Writing Tips from Assemblymember Glick

The turnout for the Rally to Save the Village As We Know It on Sunday, Feb. 12th was impressive; 550 according to a thank you email sent by Assemblymember Deborah Glick.  Assemblymember Glick is encouraging concerned parties to send hand written, non form letters to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Chair of the City Planning Commission Amanda Burden, Councilmember

Margaret Chin, and Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  We have included her letter writing tips below.

Deborah J. Glick

Thank You 

Wow. I'm still in awe of the huge turnout at our rally on Saturday. Thank you so much for your support over the weekend to oppose NYU's 2031 Plan. Despite less than ideal weather conditions, more than 550 of us filled Judson Church not to mention the 50 dogs (and their owners) from the Paw-Rade that could not go inside. The rally by all definitions was a major success. You can see media coverage of your activities here, here, and here. I was deeply moved by your passion, energy, and love for the Village.

Your energy and enthusiasm made the day possible but our work isn't done.

NYU has signaled they are moving ahead with the project so we must make sure our voices are heard by the City officials who must still weigh in on the merits of this plan.

Below is a copy of the material that was distributed at the rally. I would encourage everyone to write to these officials and let them know your feelings about the NYU Plan. Feel free to share copies with friends and neighbors who were unable to join us Saturday. Please stay in touch with my office about your thoughts on the Plan and stay tuned for future actions. Together we can help protect the Village and make sure that we are leaving the neighborhood intact for future generations.

Again- my thanks for your support.

Deborah Glick

Letter Writing

I believe hand written, non-form letters are always more warmly received. As such, we have some ideas on what to include in a letter below.

Sample Letter Outline

Dear Hon. (suggestions below),

Introduce the Topic of letter
  • I'm writing regarding the NYU 2031 expansion plan.
  • Highlight/outline plan or part of plan
  • Sample Sentences:
    • The NYU 2031 plan would add 4 new towers, up to 300 feet tall.
    • NYU wants to buy public park strips, currently owned by the NYC Department of Transportation and convert them to University controlled land.

What would you like them to do?
  • For example, Oppose this Plan when it is before you for a vote

Main topic ideas for letter
  • Why would this plan would hurt the community
  • What upsets you most about this plan
  • How this plan would impact your life/quality of life
  • Sample Sentences:
    • This massive development will impact light and air in the area and cast permanent shadows on the neighborhood.
    • This amount of development is not unsustainable in this area.
    • The amount of development proposed in these 2 blocks increases density by around 90% and cuts open space in half.

Make sure to add a friendly closing
  • Sample Sentences:
    • Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    • The community really needs your support on this issue.



Recommended Recipients of Letters

1) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10007
The Borough President makes a recommendation, not a binding vote.

2) Chair Amanda Burden
Chair of the City Planning Commission
22 Reade Street 
New York, NY 10007
The Chair votes when City Planning reviews the application.

There are 12 other members of the City Planning Commission who also vote on the application. Letters to each member of the Commission is also advisable. The list of all members can be found at: www.nyc.gov/dcp,then clicking on the "about us" followed by "city planning commission."

3) Councilmember Margaret Chin
Chatham Green 
165 Park Row, Suite #11

New York, NY 10038
The Councilmember represents the area of proposed development.She votes when City Council votes.

4) Council Speaker Christine Quinn
224 West 30th St, Suite 1206 
New York, NY 10001
Speaker Quinn's district is just a few blocks away so many constituents in the community-at-large are Speaker Quinn's constituents. Additionally, as Speaker, she has influence over the Council. She votes when City Council Votes.

All City Council Members will vote on this plan. If you (or a friend) have a different local City Council Member, it is advisable to reach out to them and express your concerns about the plan. You can look up your local City Councilmember at: www.council.nyc.gov.

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