Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Action: Write a Letter to the City Planning Commission

A local resident submitted the following MAY DAY ACTION:

No matter where you live in NY city, you can help stop the massive destruction plan NYU proposes to start in 2013 by writing a hand written note to the City Planning Commission asap. They vote in the project next Monday.

You don't need to give reasons or say a lot, just express your opposition to building in Greenwich Village when there are other sites in Manhattan (primarily in the Wall Street area) that are begging to have NYU locate their massive expansion down there.

You can say something as simple as "I utterly oppose the NYU 2031 Expansion Plan" or you can say, "GOD NO. DO not let NYU destroy the Village." Or anything else you want to say.

You can identity yourself as a citizen of NY, an NYU faculty, an alumni, a business person who will be affected by 20 years of construction on the narrow streets of Bleecker, Mercer, or other affected streets, a parent who does not want to raise children on a construction site, or just someone who cares about the quality of life in the Village. You can identify yourself as a student who does not want her tuition to go up to pay for this project (since NYU has no other source of funds!!! And has already admitted they will have to raise tuition as one way to pay for the project.) IF the project is approved, the destruction begins in 2013, and so will the cost of tuition and debt for our students.

Encourage others to send such a note. The bigger the pile of notes opposed to the destruction "Plan" , the more the CPC has to take into account the desires of the citizens of NY.

If you work at NYU, be assured that the university will not have access to your letter of opposition. Especially if you send it snail mail. Over 23 departments at NYU have now voted to condemn this plan, including the Sterne School of Business!!!

But please write your note by hand and send it in an envelop to: Do it today as your MAY DAY action.

Chair of the City Planning Commission
22 Reade Streeet
New York, NY 10007

Thank you!

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