Friday, May 11, 2012

NYU 2031 Would Destroy 174 Trees at Washington Square Village

WSV Sasaki Garden and Courtyard Trees Threatened by NYU 2031

Members of the Save the WSV Sasaki Garden Committee surveyed the trees in the WSV Sasaki Garden and Courtyard.  The data was included in GETTING TO NYU’S CORE: GREENWICH VILLAGE PROPOSAL MEANS LESS OPEN SPACE prepared by Hunter College Center for Community Planning & Development (Tom Angotti, Director and Evan Mason, Senior Fellow) for

LaGuardia Corner Gardens and Lower Manhattan Neighbors’ Organization, Inc., May 6, 2012.

The Sasaki Garden Committee observed:

Section 1: Between Citibank and the WSV Sasaki Garden
Hawthorn 8
Hawthorn 6
London planetree 12
London planetree 11

Section 2: WSV Sasaki Garden
Japanese maple 2
Silver maple 2
Redbud 3
Dogwood 2
Hawthorn 10
Crabapple 15
Apple 1
White mulberry 1
Eastern white pine 3
Fir (Abies) 2
Weeping willow 1
Hawthorn (south) 21
Weeping cherry 3
Weeping cherry (east) 3

Section 3A: Between WSV Sasaki Garden and east edge of the Key Park playground
London planetree (west) 12
London planetree (east) 9
Hawthorn (south) 6
Hawthorn (north) 9

Section 3B: In Key Park
Crabapple + miscellany 11
Honeylocust 2
Norway maple 5
London planetree 6

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