Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYU Attacks Greenwich Village With Bloated Plan

From James S. Russell incisive review of NYU 2031 for Bloomberg News:
Just off the narrow, crowded streets of Greenwich Village is a lush, spacious garden of drooping mature willows and sycamores.

New York University, its owner, fights for its destruction.

If the university prevails, two curvy towers shaped like chocolate drops will arise from the garden. The million square feet of new construction are the space equivalent of a hefty skyscraper.....

The garden would be rebuilt and shrink to swirl around two curved, tapering “boomerang” buildings -- as NYU calls them -- that would house mainly faculty offices. The buildings are unbelievably intrusive considering that the university will cram two-thirds of the space underground, and that only two small light wells will relieve the windowless basement space.
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