Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NYU Submission to City Planning Commission

NYU Vice President Alicia Hurley, PhD submitted to the CPC "followup materials to address questions that were raised at the hearing" held on April 25, 2012. The 65-page document can be found online at

Of particular interest to Save the WSV Sasaki Garden advocates is the following category and definition of
open space:
Non-Publicly Accessible Open Space: These are non-publicly accessible areas on the superblocks that provide open space amenities.They include: LaGuardia Corner Gardens (SB) 6,530 sf; 505 LaGuardia Garden (SB) 14,515 sf; Silver Tower Playground (SB) 2,721 sf; Silver Tower Seating (SB) 2,665 sf; Mercer-Houston Dog Run (SB) 3,175; Washington Square Village Elevated Garden (NB) 58,164; Washington Square (Key) Village Playground (NB) 23,190 sf. {page 54)

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