Friday, May 18, 2012

NYU Superblock Gardens at Washington Square Village

For your consideration, a slideshow of the NYU Superblock Gardens condemned under NYU 2031 has been prepared by Hubert J Steed:
NYU2031 expansion plans call for the construction of several new skyscrapers in the heart of historic Greenwich Village which will be built on this garden, bordering park strips, the comprehensive children's playgrounds, and on a "super block" south of WSV which will destroy a treasured community garden at LaGuardia Place Corner Garden.

Protests are being made to stop the destruction of these community and NYC necessities & amenities for the planned skyscrapers.  Virtually all of these trees and gardens will be destroyed in the near future, if NYC officials allow the NYU2031 Plan to proceed.

Please run the slideshow button on the upper right corner of to see conveniently what is planned to be destroyed. If you run the slideshow with a soundtrack of "Where have all the flowers gone?" it might break your heart.

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