Monday, June 18, 2012

NYU 2031 = Upzoning

CAAN 2031 is refuting Dr. Alicia Hurley's claim that NYU is not seeking upzoning for its 20 Year Expansion Plan. (Dr. Hurley is vice president of NYU Government Affairs & Civic Engagement.)
Be very clear – NYU cannot build their proposed buildings without changing the zoning. The superblocks currently have R7 zoning – the highest level of mid-density zoning and higher than most zoning in Greenwich Village. It is only found in the area on avenues or wide commercial thoroughfares like 8th Street. The commercial zone with which NYU seeks to blanket the two residential superblocks is the equivalent of R8 residential zoning (considered high-density), plus commercial allowed on the lower floors.
R7 is lower than R8, so NYU is clearly seeking upzoning! R8 requires just HALF the open space and allows almost DOUBLE the residential density. The superblocks are already overbuilt with regards to open space (the north block was built before the 1961 zoning resolution’s requirements were in place) so nothing can be built on the main zoning lot without a zoning change. Yes, it’s an UPZONING, despite NYU’s misleading communications.

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  1. Enlightening but sad. We must hold the NYU administration responsible for this evasive "truth" teaching example. Is this action the mission of NYU, an institution of higher education?

    Truth and reconciliation is an obvious remedy to get on with a more life enhancing mission.

    We need to document a list of NYU's broken promises on land use and what was mandated by our city government when NYU took control over the super block properties.