Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green Infrastructure Capacity of Superblocks

Writing about the Lower East Side towers-in-the-park owned by the NYC Housing Authority, urban historian/planner/and designer Kerri Culhane observes:
Superblocks provide the advantage of open space for the deployment of green infrastructure.
The Sasaki Garden is existing and functioning green infrastructure! The City should acknowledge the garden in the Green Infrastructure Plan released by DEP in 2010 instead of allowing NYU to demolish the Garden to accommodate 1,180,000 square feet* of new construction.

Read Ms. Culhane's essay for Urban Omnibus at

* This figure is the certified square footage of the North Block of the NYU 2031 plan.  City Council on July 25, 2012 reduced the gross square footage on the North Block to 585,000 square feet.  See here for details.

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