Thursday, October 18, 2012

NYU Restrictive Declaration of Large-Scale General Development

The Restrictive Declaration of Large-Scale General Development for the NYU LSGD by New York University dated July 2012 is now available online via GVSHP at

Section 6.3 (d) Phase 3 Development provides the following information about the Sasaki Garden:
The open area in the central portion of the North Block Parcel located on the roof of the existing below grade parking facility (the “Sasaki Garden”) contains certain mature trees in planters. Although these trees are in areas in which construction and/or construction-related activities will occur, and therefore will be removed in connection with the construction and/or construction-related activities in this area, Declarant shall, in consultation with a qualified arborist and to the extent practicable, use all best horticultural practices to preserve such existing mature trees and, subject to City Planning approval, replant such trees on the Subject Property.
(Hat tip: Washington Square Village Tenants Association)

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