Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Alternative to the Current NYU 2031 Proposal, by Michael Sorkin Studio

NYU EXPANSION, An Alternative Plan for the Growth of NYU, New York, NY, 2012, by Michael Sorkin, Maria Inmaculada Bueno Rosas, Jie Gu (source)

Michael Sorkin Studio's comment about "an alternative proposal for the growth of NYU" was published in the March 6, 2013 issue of The Architect's Newspaper but the essay is not available on-line.  Fortunately, the plan drawing and description are available on the studio's website.

This proposal suggests accommodating NYU's academic expansion on Pier 40, the adjacent St Johns Building, and the legendary ocean liner S.S. United States. Pier 40 has long been a site in search of a use and our scheme offers an opportunity for new university facilities, for an expansion of the existing athletic fields, and for other new community and retail uses. This project includes an aggregate of academic facilities roughly comparable to those currently proposed by NYU for its Greenwich Village site and additional space for student, faculty, and visitor housing in a highly glamorous setting. We suggest that the existing Coles Gymnasium be retained on its existing site (with perhaps some expansion above) and that a new public school be built on the LaGuardia Place supermarket site (retaining a commercial ground floor) per NYU's current proposal.... [Read more]

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  1. At several CB2 hearing on the NYU2031 Plan last year, I had suggested the "temporary gym" be sited on Pier 40 instead of on the Key Park Playground.

    And while I don't believe that Pier 40 can be given to NYU since it is public parkland, there is a 30 year lease for commercial use on the pier that might help fund the park.

    It's a very delicate balance of public and private space, but the above plan merits public review.