Monday, June 25, 2012

3 Things To Do This Week to Help Defeat NYU2031

From the co-chairs of Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031:

> Today (Monday, June 25): Call your Councilmember (and/or the Committee and/or the whole Council) on Monday, June 25 to let them know you OPPOSE the NYU 2031 land grab.

Please let all your neighbors and friends know about this coordinated "Phone Zap," as the more calls made, the more our point gets through! The Councilmembers in this area are: Councilmember Margaret Chin: 212-587-3159, Council Speaker Christine Quinn: 212-788-7210 and Councilmember Rosie Mendez: 212-677-1077.  If you have time to call other Councilmembers, especially those on the Land Use Committee, please do so. For more information and phone numbers of all Councilmembers, please visit:

> Throughout this Week: Make sure as many people as possible know about the NYU 2031 Plan and how it will destroy Greenwich Village.

Ask all your neighbors and friends, wherever in the City they live, to contact their Councilmember.  Every letter, email, fax and phone call can make a difference.  Councilmembers need to hear from their own constituents in order to realize that this is NOT a "NIMBY" issue, so please ask your friends who live elsewhere in NYC to take a moment to contact their own Councilmember with a brief message about how they want their Councilmember to vote No on NYU 2031 and that they treasure the historic residential nature of Greenwich Village. They can easily find their Councilmember (or you can do it for them!) at:  

Some suggested points:
- Shoehorning 2 million square feet into Greenwich Village will forever change a historic residential neighborhood loved by residents as well as people throughout the world.
- Rezoning to accommodate a developer's unjustified desire for more buildings than currently allowed sets a dangerous precedent for all of NYC - zoning exists to protect against overdevelopment.
- Public Open Space is in especially short supply in our area, and should never be sold, given or allowed to be used by a private entity for their own purposes.
- NYU is a terrible steward of open space despite decades of promises and agreements. The community does a much better job of creating and maintaining open spaces that serve resident needs.
- Decades of continuous construction will severely reduce quality of life throughout the area and destroy the Village's attractiveness to visitors.
- Local businesses will not survive the downturn caused by years of construction disruption.
- The community and NYU's own faculty, the very people expected to benefit from the 2031 Plan, are standing together against NYU 2031.
- Other options for development are right nearby, already have appropriate zoning for buildings such as NYU wishes to build, and welcome NYU development.

> Friday, June 29 at City Hall - Attend (and bring your neighbors to!) the City Council hearing on Friday, 6/29, 9:30am at City Hall, and the press conference being sponsored by many community groups including CAAN 2031, starting at 8:30am on the steps of City Hall.  Testimony can be brief or as detailed as can fit into the two (possibly three, but best to prepare for two) minutes in front of the Council's Land Use committee.  The key is to show overwhelming opposition by an enormous amount of people - that's the most important tool we have, and this is the one time we're asking people to take the day off from work (many will have a half-day anyway) or postpone leaving for the long weekend to be there.  Bring photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc).

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