Monday, June 25, 2012

Who’s Who of the City Council

The City Council consists of 51 members but the following five members are critical in the ULURP voting process on. The City Council's only public hearing on the NYU 2031 plan will be held on Friday, June 29th. Today, June 25th, Phone ZAP the City Council.
1. Margaret Chin, the local Councilmember in whose district the proposed development is located. Many Councilmembers defer to the local CM as otherwise they would not get support when things are proposed for their own district. While this is usually the case, it cannot be counted upon 100%.

2. Christine Quinn, the Council Speaker, who is important for two reasons - she is the leader of the Council so her opinion is often considered very important, and her district is only one to two blocks away from the proposed development area so she does have some skin in the game. She says that since it's not her district, she will not take an official position (considered stepping on the local CM's toes...). We are still asking people to write to her, especially those who live in her district to show that concern is widespread.

3. Rosie Mendez, who sits on the Land Use committee which is the committee we will be addressing. Her district is also very close to the proposed development area and she is often considered a friend of preservation, so she may be additionally helpful. While she is away due to a family emergency, her staff is collecting the letters, faxes and emails for her review upon her return.

4. and 5. Leroy Comrie and Mark Weprin are the Chairs of the Land Use committee and the Zoning subcommittee respectively, so they are likely to be leading the hearing and asking key questions, and may be very involved in the debates afterwards

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