Saturday, February 25, 2012

CB2 Denies NYU Core Project ULURP Applications

On Thursday, February 23rd, Community Board 2 of Manhattan unanimously voted "No" on the NYU Core Project ULURP Applications.  Thank you CB2!  Here is an excerpt from the CB2 Resolution:
CB2, after extensive review and discussions with stakeholders throughout the area, strongly opposes the NYU 2031 Plan. Its effects would forever change the character of this historic neighborhood, dramatically increase built-upon land at the expense of the light, air and recreation opportunities of existing open space, convert city-owned land to largely private use even if access is permitted, imperil affordable housing stock, significantly reduce residents’ quality of life, have adverse effects on local infrastructure and subject residents to decades of construction and its effects.

The Community Board vote is the first official step in the land use review process of NYU's 20-year campus expansion plan.  The Board's vote is advisory but the strong and consistent attendance at its hearing and the Board's unanimous is a clear signal to other City officials and to the university that the community rejects the NYU 2031 plan.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will review the NYU 2031 plan next.  Mr. Stringer's vote is also advisory but no less meaningful in supporting the community's opposition to the plan.  Mr. Stringer has 30 days to vote on the plan.  The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has pointed out that Mr. Stringer can vote four ways: (1) yes; (2) yes, with conditions; (3) no, unless certain conditions are met; or (4) no.

Write and call Borough President Stringer to vote NO on the NYU plan.

Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10007
212-669-4305 (fax)

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